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Life Of An Island Wife.

3 March 1974
Married,3 children,2 of which are my own and 1 stepson. My stepson is 22 and he is absolutely awesome. My girls are 7 and 12....both of which who think they are going on 30. I grew up in the big town of Washington,Maine where I spent the majority of my life. Going on 3 years ago I moved to North Haven,Maine. A little chunk of land floating off the coast. The whole island is only 3 miles X 9 miles. Approx. 300 of us year around......then in the summer BLAM! There is about 2000 of us.

I am soon to be 34. I have blue eyes and long curly dirty blond hair. I am 5'6" and of average build....that seems to change as the seasons :)

The reason of this journal.....is to hopefully re connect with a dear friend....and just a place where I can really say how I feel and just be me......which tends to be hard in the real world sometimes.