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lostmoon2004 [userpic]

Dinner Is In The Oven =)

March 1st, 2008 (07:24 pm)

        Well, there are a batch of stuffed peppers baking in the oven, the wood stove is cranked, and outside is once again a winter wonderland. As pretty as it looks, I still long for warmer weather. I swear I have internal solar panels......cause without the sun, I am just not the same person. I miss warm rays of sun.....and a warm ledge to lie on.....and my dear friend that I shared a lot of my time with.
      Hubby is home, finally. You can only spend so many hours plowing and sanding this little floating chunk of land before it becomes monotonous. Tomorrow is his birthday, mine the day following. Most likely won't do much, stay home with the girls and relax. Maybe some sledding to raise our spirits, depending mostly on how damn cold out it is.
      I am attempting to learn how to knit......and to anyone that knows me....I couldn't start off simple with a scarf. Had to start right off with socks....a whole pair at once even! LOL...no wonder I am so damn frustrated. So, going to take a little break and work on some jewelery I wanted to make. That will most likely consume some of my time tonight....then hopefully some quality time with Robin......Liz is at her best bud's house for the night. Woohoo! Only one kid home for a change. Well.....back to the oven for a bit.....tummy is rumbling.