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lostmoon2004 [userpic]


March 2nd, 2008 (08:01 am)

current mood: bitchy

          Ugh, I swear some days are preplanned to piss me off before I even make it out of bed. At glimpse off first light this am, poor hubby awakes to the phone ringing. He has been called out to plow and sand once again. All because some idiot with nothing better to do on a Sunday morning has called and complained about the roads. Most likely it is the same person that calls and complains that there is too much sand on the roads in the spring. Happy &%#@ing Birthday.
          So my plans for him first thing this morning have been completely destroyed.....was gonna fill the tub....turn on the jets.....take advantage of him ;)....and then make him a huge breakfast. Can still make the breakfast....will just be more of a brunch now.....speaking of which...I think I will go roast some garlic. Off to the kitchen.